Sunday, November 22, 2009

Groove is in the Plant

Thursday marks the beginning of my absolute favorite time of year. From Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, I am giddy with excitement, and who can blame me when you have four holidays, a birthday, and countless parties to attend. Over the years I have become one of those people who requires a birthday party/soiree/gala, and preferably with a theme. I've gone small and intimate with wine & cheese gatherings or Ugly Holiday Sweater parties; I've gone big with black tie shindigs at M1-5. However I am now realizing there was always something missing at each party - plants and flowers.

At a second look, "plants" have been present at most of my parties. When I was an RA, a Holiday celebration hosted for my floor had a "Christmas tree" that my residents cut from the top of a pine tree in the campus golf course (sorry Cornell). M1-5 had spray-painted gold and silver tree branches mixed with evergreens decorating the bar. However, these decorations didn't fit in with the band's lead singer, who was dressed in red leather pants and a Native American headdress (he was channeling the Village People and David Bowie, and no, he wasn't there on our request). Last year's Ugly Holiday Sweater party had dried eucalyptus branches in a vase that was broken by my friend Tyler - he leaned against what he "thought" was a wall. Obviously my plant & party track record isn't too high or successful.

Friends and professors of mine in the industry have also had poor plant & party experiences. A professor once hosted a Holiday dinner party and tried giving poinsettias as party favors. However, when getting ready to leave, each guest gave a different excuese for not taking their plant home. Come on, people! It's pretty, color-coordinates your Holiday decorations at home, and lest we forget, IT'S FREE!

So where is the disconnect? Why have I failed at successfully integrating plants into my own parties? Why do guests make lame excuses for not accepting a free plant as a parting gift? Is this a generational or age-level issue, i.e. am I concerned more about serving the best seasonal cocktails and looking my best than decorating or gifting with flowers? Or do I bypass the plants for the booze because there is arguably more of an 'instant" and "longer lasting" gratification with Manhattans? One thing is for sure - I have decided to pledge a more conscious effort at incorporating flowers and plants into my activities this Holiday season. So if you're attending a party of mine, or I'm visiting your apartment during Thanksgiving weekend for Big Red Hockey, expect Ice Punch the poinsettia instead of Ice Punch the spiked drink.

Plant on and rock on,

Song for the Garden: Let's Dance - David Bowie

Friday, November 6, 2009

Where Have I BEEN?!!!

My gosh! It has been nearly a MONTH since I last posted! Where have I been?! Actually I have been quite the busy bee, relocating, starting a career in the industry that I love, and visiting plenty of garden centers. One thing that's been on my mind lately (besides finding storage places in my apartment for all my clothes) is...


I know, I know, me and the rest of the Targets, Borders, Walmarts, and garden centers of the world. It appears Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year - I think a friend of mine even saw Xmas type products out on the shelves around October 16th. People, it wasn't even Halloween yet! Needless to say, with November nearly in full swing, getting ready for the Holiday Season is where it's at.

So, this weekend I will most likely post about Holiday 2009 trends and fun, easy, and inexpensive ways we all can decorate our homes and lives with plants for the holidays. Stay tuned!

Plant on and rock on,

Song for the Garden: Furr - Blitzen Trapper